We would like to be at your disposal as service provider and partner right from the beginning of your planning phase. At the same time it is important, however, to demonstrate possibilities and alternatives for the execution of construction work. We convert your project schedule into logistics phases and therefore can assure you at an early stage already how your project including the site facilities will develop during the different stages. Thereby, also a high level on safety for the necessary temporary infrastructure is provided. 

Independent of your placing strategy we support you with the planning of optimal site facilities and give you a general idea what kind of resources in terms of logistics will be necessary in the right place at the right time. We would like to make a contribution to influence the economic efficiency of your building measures positively.

Among other things, our business activities include:

  • Converting of schedules in logistics phases
  • Determining personnel needed for realizing the project 
  • Finding out the estimated traffic volume
  • Planning of horizontal routes of transport (access construction site, site roads, access for personnel, etc.) and vertical transport possibilities (selection, dimensioning, location of lifting bars, cranes, etc.)
  • Planning of temporary infrastructure (on-site power, container facilities, on-site water, IT network, Wifi, etc.)
  • Providing of area concepts, waste management concepts, plans for logistics sections, logistics manuals
  • Cost analysis for site equipment and logistics
  • Preparing bidding documents