The supply of your project, which by the way does not necessarily need to be a construction project, will be taken care of by us. This means that we look after the supply of materials and devices at the construction site. We also take care of the necessary infrastructure and provide personnel needed to fulfil the project work.

With our self-developed SLOT Manager we are, among other things, able to plan and coordinate the "correct" arrival of supplies. Here we approach the just-in-time principle. We ensure that exclusively your project beats time where the supply is necessary. Consequently logistics resources (loading areas, hoisting devices, access roads) are used to full capacity. For the involved parties, registration, controlling and timing as well as the documentation is thereby effected easily and self-explanatory via internet.

By using our access control only authorized persons get access to site. Personalised RFID-cards are only issued to those persons who can show complete documents for identification. In case a minimum-wage certificate cannot be presented access can be denied. In addition you will receive a further controlling instrument for different subcontractor evaluations.

In order to support you as good as possible we exclusively appoint logistics coordinators with long-time experience.

A colleague of our team will be placed at our client's disposal as reliable contact person for all logistics issues.

Additional personnel for the access control, control of the construction site, lift control, cleaning, paramedics and general assistance can be provided, if needed.